When your brand enters the Digital Drawing Room, it enters an environment where growth and reach are cultivated and your brand is left refined and ready to make a tangible difference in the market.

We specialize in high-end website, branding and digital content design.

"Digital Drawing Room are responsible for my logo and website. The entire team was a pleasure to work with. They were able to see my vision and better it! They are incredibly efficient, friendly and easy to work with! I highly recommend them."


Personal stylist and owner of THE HIVE, Jade Ashleigh has been styling Jade Hübner since she was a Top 10 contestant in Presenter Search on3 in 2015. Jade Ashleigh is responsible for her fashionable wear for Top Billing appearances, interviews and celebrity events. Jade Ashleigh works within themes, colour pallets and styles suited to Jade's specific role and over all look. She feels that as a stylist, it is important to understand trends, research looks suited to your client, explore new and local talent and always make sure the chosen looks stay true to your clients' personality. Jade Ashleigh’s clothing label, The Hive consists of womanswear and swimwear that is hand painted and detailed with African embelishments.

“What I love about Jade Ashleigh is that she takes the time to know your personality and body so that she knows exactly what suites you and works for your body type. She is also very honest, so when you decide on on outfit, you are confident that it works for you. She is a hard worker, has an abundance of contacts when it comes to sourcing outfits and she is also an incredible designer herself. I definitely recommend giving The Hive website a browse!” – For styling contact: Jade Ashleigh


“This friendly salon is situated on Main road, Green Point, Cape Town and is responsible for making my hair and nails always look amazing for Top Billing. Us girls put our hair through a lot and it’s so important to go to salons who know what they are doing. I found that frequent hair treatments make such a difference. I also get a Brazilian hair treatment every 4 months to tame my hair and have my tape extensions shifted up every six weeks: Not everyone does this correctly and Zainab does a fantastic job at placing them perfectly for my head. When I look good, I feel good and this salon makes me feel and look my very best!”


Easihair pro is a leader in the hair extension industry. They provide quality hair extension products such as their 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair tape in extensions; to salons nationwide and internationally as well as clip-ins hair extensions.

“This is like water to me, I cannot live without it. It is very comfortable; I personally cannot feel them on my head. I love the fact that it is permanantly taped in as my active life style prohibits me from wearing clip in’s, plus I’m often in the water so clip-ins are not possible. The tape in’s are also a lot less damaging than the glue in bonds and beaded bonds. They last you about a year, so it is well worth investing in to get that full hair and celebrity finish! I feel confident and care free.”

S.W.E.A.T 1000

S.W.E.A.T. stands for Specialised Weight Endurance Athletic Training; with the 1000 representing calories burned in a ground breaking 1 hour workout. Integrating the components of interval training, functional training, core stability work, athletic training, and agility training; it is the result of taking everything that is the highest level of physical training and putting it into a 1 hour dynamic, action-packed class.

“You will never sweat anywhere else as much as you will sweat when you do this class. It sounds intense and it is, but you don’t have to be in shape or fit to do it. Everyone in the class does the same thing, at the same time but at different paces. So anyone can participate and get their personal optimum workout. What I also love is that after a busy day I can just go there and switch my brain off. I don’t have to think, I just have to listen and follow the instructions while being motivated by the pumping music and other people around me. What is great is that you are not in it, alone; everyone around you is also sweating their bottoms off. It is a full body workout and you are guaranteed to lose weight. If you don’t believe me, go give it a try, your first class is free!”


“POINTBREAK is a Functional Training Studio conjoined with ONEUP Gym located on Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town.This is where I box! I could not imagine a life without it. It requires a different kind of fitness and it also makes me a more centered person. It is so beneficial and a great stress reliever, making me feel calm and relaxed afterwards. It’s a euphoric feeling you really can’t describe. Ryan Botha and Chaz Wasserman always mix up the combinations and make it incredibly intense and fun. I also feel it is so important for woman and girls to be able to lift up their own body weight and be able to protect and defend themselves.”

TV Presenter | MC | Voice Over Artist | Actress | Model | Ambassador| Singer

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